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Give your loved ones the opportunity to choose for themselves the gift they like. Give them an electronic gift card from STAFF GALLERY and they can choose from our collection what suits them!

Steps to Giving a Gift Card
1. First fill in the name and email of the recipient and then your name and email, the wish you want to write and complete the process easily with online payment via bank deposit, debit / credit card or PayPal.
2. Fill in the value of the gift card.

• The gift card is not exchanged for money!
• The recipient will receive by email your wish along with the electronic gift card, which can be redeemed for the purchase of items at or at any Staff Gallery store, within 6 months of purchase.
If you find that the electronic gift card is not accepted when completing the order, check the number you have entered and try again. If you have the same problem, contact customer service via the contact form or by phone at 2103006263.

I understand that gift certificates are non-refundable.